Physical Security, Safety, and Marketing in One Solution for Your Business


A reliable and efficient solution for physical security and safety is essential for any company. But how do you know where to start? We know this process can be incredibly overwhelming for any business. With something as important as this, it is vital that security, safety, and marketing can be integrated into one solution for your organization. 

Trans-Tel provides a vast array of services to help you integrate these solutions into your business in a seamless and reliable way. Keep reading to get a better idea of how Trans-Tel can help your business get started with physical security, safety, and analysis in a way that not only protects your company and its employees but also provides crucial marketing value for your company. 

1. Physical Security Technologies to Deploy

Security is an essential part of any business or institution. Below are several key physical security technologies to deploy at your company to protect your employees and building. 

  1. Visitor Management. Visitor management helps organizations keep track of who comes and goes in a workplace. Visitor management systems can help streamline the process for welcoming important guests and can make a good impression on first-time visitors. This technology can also help you protect what and who is inside your building by controlling access and keeping a record of all visitation activity in your building. 
  2. Loitering Detection. Loitering detection can detect those outside of your building or in your area who seem to be loitering. This is possible with extra security measures such as sensors or security cameras with video analytics. These systems can help warn companies of suspicious activity in the area and prevent any kind of dangerous situation.
  3. Dual Factor Authentication. Dual factor authentication (or two-factor authentication) requires users to provide two forms of authentication for access. This usually involves users having to input a password followed by another factor of authentication which could be anything from a code sent to their cell phone to a fingerprint scan in order to complete a physical sign-in. This ultimately acts as an extra measure to avoid unauthorized access and is a great way to protect online information specifically.
  4. Network Security. Network security involves protecting your company’s network infrastructure from unwanted access, theft, etc. In today’s world, online access is growing exponentially as we use technology to do just about everything from work to personal use. Our most important information is often stored in systems or websites online. Having a network security solution in place can help protect your employee and company’s sensitive information and activity. 

2. Safety Measures to Implement in Your Building 

Ensuring that your employees are safe while on the job is another important role of your company’s physical security and safety systems. The following are some ways you can better prioritize safety within your organization using these technologies. 

  1. PPE Detection. PPE detection ensures that proper procedures are being followed by detecting personal protective equipment on employees, such as hard hats, gloves, etc. This is an extra step to help protect employees from any accidents that could occur while on the job, while also making sure your employees are in compliance on the job. 
  2. Object Detection. Object detection systems can identify objects in a picture or video. Object detection is used in conjunction with programs like image recognition to help analyze what is seen on camera. This is useful for companies in several ways such as tracking foot traffic, facial recognition, and anomaly detection. 
  3. Fall detection. Fall detection measures protect employees from workplace accidents by triggering an immediate alert when someone needs assistance. This is essential for making sure your employees get the medical attention they need as quickly as possible and to keep your physical workplace safe. 

3. Marketing Value of Physical Security & Safety Technologies

Another benefit to having security solutions like these in place is that they can provide critical marketing value for your organization. By using analytics from these technologies, you can improve business productivity. Not only are these solutions protecting your organization and increasing employee safety, but they also help your business grow and enhance its profitability.  

  1. Foot traffic detection and analysis. Foot traffic analysis is a crucial metric to be tracking at your business, especially in retail, as it can improve the functionality of your store to boost sales. For example, by studying foot traffic patterns in your store you can understand how to better position the products, displays, and promotions in your store to increase sales. 
  2. Visitor management. Visitor management can be used to provide better service to those entering your building. Simply put, when important guests arrive at your restaurant, hotel, or casino, you are notified and able to welcome them in a timely manner, reinforcing your business’ professional reputation and establishing a strong first impression with guests. 
  3. Vehicle traffic detection & analysis. By tracking the number of vehicles and flow of traffic in an area, companies can better plan out where to place advertisements (like billboards) and ultimately extend their reach to maximize their brand awareness and sales. 

With today’s abundant technology, it can seem like there’s an overwhelming number of options out there to enhance your business’ physical security and safety presence. However, with Trans-Tel we provide one solution for each of these integral factors for your company. 

By working with Trans-Tel, we’re able to design, install, and manage sustainable physical security, safety, and analytics solutions so your company can rest assured that it’s well protected and able to scale its growth with actionable marketing insights.


3 Benefits of a Physical Security Install For Your Business


Having a properly operating and monitored physical security system in place to protect you and your employees is essential. Advanced technologies involving perimeter security, access control, and parking controls enhance the monitoring benefits offered by systems using cameras and video surveillance software platforms.

Keep reading to discover three benefits of having physical security deployed in your business. 

  1. Protect Your People 

Physical security is very important but can often be overlooked by many organizations. Physical security measures are designed to protect buildings and safeguard the equipment and people inside. A well-designed system grants access to authorized individuals and keeps out unwanted visitors or threats. Another advantage of physical security is the increased safety for employees and customers when entering and exiting the facility.

2. Trust Our Experts With Your Safety 

Hiring the right company with industry experts to assess your needs and create the proper security system to meet your needs is the best way to achieve the level of protection with up-to-date products, technologies, and protocols. Threats continue to evolve and finding a trusted physical security partner is essential in today’s constantly changing landscape. Choosing the right security partner should also provide the assurance of communicating directly with a knowledgeable expert for system-related questions and support – as and when needed. Your business’ physical security needs are critical, having a trusted partner that will communicate and keep your system up to date and operating at a high level will allow you peace of mind to focus on operating your business.

3. Monitor Access and Real-Time Threat Assessment

There are many different reasons why potential intruders want access to a business. Obvious examples include harming the business in some way, achieving personal or financial gain via theft, or even former employees with malintent. Having the right security systems in place with pre-programmed alerts provides your operations with the ability to monitor and act on suspicious activity as it occurs.

The right Video Surveillance System will provide monitoring for all entry/exit points of the building as well as any critical infrastructure your building may need to be monitored. Trans-Tel offers Unified Video Surveillance and Access Control Services from industry-leading technology solution providers to meet your security needs. As a Certified Channel Partner with Genetec, we offer their extended suite of security products such as Security Center Omnicast IP video management solutions and Security Center Synergis IP access control systems. 

Physical security is essential in monitoring and acting on outside threats. Working with an experienced physical security partner provides your business the best solutions and the right technologies for your facilities, people, and operations



Uncovering The Facts & Fiction of 5G


Over the last couple of years, 5G, or the fifth-generation mobile network has garnered attention from the press to the general public. This exciting new technology, provided by many carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, will revolutionize connectivity across the country. However, there have been many rumors about the pros and cons of using 5G technology. 

Keep reading as we debunk the facts and fiction of 5G. 

What is 5G?

5G is a form of mobile communication and its technical ground rules outline how the network operates. It is the latest form of mobile communication following in the footsteps of 4G and LTE, which have been the standard for many years. 5G delivers faster speed, substantially more bandwidth, improved reliability for connectivity, and a more uniform user experience across devices and carriers. 

5G is designed to connect everyone and everything with its enhanced speed and capabilities. This connection also goes beyond mobile devices and includes improved connectivity for machines and infrastructure. 5G service is currently deployed across the US and is primarily available in cities and their surrounding metro areas. As the 5G rollout continues, more cities will receive the technology. 

5G Facts & Fiction

With its rapid development, there have been many concerns and conspiracies that have emerged around the effects and impacts of 5G networks. Questions such as: “Is 5G going to replace 4G?” and “How will 5G benefit our transportation?” have been circulating on social media over the past year as this technology has rapidly gained popularity. 

Fact or Fiction: Will we continue to use 4G networks?

Although 5G has stronger capabilities and more benefits than 4G, it does not mean 4G will be completely eliminated. Since 5G is only offered in select major cities right now, 4G will continue to be the norm until more network towers and infrastructure are installed. Some areas around the world still rely on 3G connectivity though, meaning they will most likely upgrade to 4G before 5G is installed. 

Fact or Fiction: How will 5G benefit future transportation?

With self-driving technology becoming more advanced in the automotive industry, 5G connectivity will give the opportunity for newer vehicles to communicate with each other. It will also allow cars to negotiate taking turns at stop signs or even merging into lanes. This capability would improve both functionality and safety in our everyday commutes.

Fact or Fiction: “5G is useless. 4G is more than enough.”

Although 4G networks are reliable, 5G will assist in solving the capacity issues on current 4G networks, meaning enhanced connectivity. 5G also has the power to improve the quality and speed of mobile communication, while also enhancing the capabilities of newer technologies like “smart” home automation, medical devices and technology, virtual reality, and even augmented reality.
5G technology is years away from fully replacing all existing 3G and 4G services, but the future of mobile connectivity is exciting! 5G has the power to improve our connectivity, empower more devices, and improve the quality of life across the globe.


Field Excellence Awards: Living Out Excellence In The Everyday


We’re proud of our track record of excellence at Trans-Tel. Not only do we strive to deliver excellent work to our customers day-in and day-out, but we also like to carve out time to recognize our outstanding employees bringing Trans-Tel’s core values to life in the field.

At Trans-Tel, we have a monthly tradition of gathering our company together to recognize employees that went above and beyond demonstrating Trans-Tel’s core values at our Field Excellence Awards (FEA). It’s a time of recognition, reflection, and fun and we’re so excited to have held our first FEA ceremony since the start of COVID-19! 

Keep reading to learn more about the awards ceremony and the excellent work at the core of who we are. 

What are the Field Excellence Awards? 

The Field Excellence Awards are designed to motivate and recognize employees for their performance and productivity in a positive and uplifting way. The award is meant to showcase field employees who have demonstrated exemplary work, high productivity, safe behaviors and leadership qualities amongst fellow employees and with customers. 

Demonstrating these qualities can make workers eligible to receive this award, receiving nominations for employees who have lived out the Trans-Tel Way in their work. Award winners are announced each month and presented their award by the CEO and/or leadership at a company-wide ceremony. 

Field Excellence Awards Ceremony: April 2021

This month we were able to hold our first FEA ceremony in more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic had put a pause on our company-wide gatherings. We were able to celebrate four hard-working employees who have done a phenomenal job implementing the Trans-Tel Way into their everyday work within the field.

We were able to celebrate their hard work and dedication while enjoying donuts, kolaches, and breakfast burritos together. FEA winners are also rewarded with $100 cash, a Trans-Tel t-shirt, a Trans-Tel hat, and The Trans-Tel Way Field Performance Award sticker to attach to their hard hat as a small token of our appreciation for their hard work and character. We look forward to more events like this to celebrate together.

The Importance of The Trans-Tel Way

The Trans-Tel way is the framework and foundation of how we run our business. We believe that it is essential for our employees to demonstrate our core values every day, whether in the field with our customers or helping fellow employees. This requires teamwork, good communication, planning, and execution to deliver on-time, under budget, compliant, and excellent projects for our customers. Our employees are expected to execute, perform, and deliver on expectations every single day in their work.

We get excited about employees living out excellence in the field every day. We are excited to recognize more outstanding employees at the Field Excellence Awards this year. As long as these core values are at the center of our work, customer excellence can always be achieved!


3 Ways We’ve Had To Adapt Our Recruitment Strategy During Covid-19


Since the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, many companies have had to adjust their recruitment strategies. Businesses were forced to lock down, and many made the transition to remote or hybrid work.  

The pandemic has completely changed the way companies seek potential new-hires, conduct interviews, and communicate with employees. Keep reading to discover three ways we’ve adapted our recruitment strategy during Covid-19. 

  1. Embrace virtual recruitment.

The sudden impact of Covid-19 and widespread lockdowns has forced many companies to embrace virtual technology. While some companies may have already been implementing virtual technology into their work and recruitment processes, it is still relatively new for many businesses, let alone to make the shift for 100% of their efforts.

Due to these rapid adjustments, both potential employees and employers have had to rely on platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet for communication. For those looking for work over the last year, this technology has transformed the recruitment and interview process. From LinkedIn to Zoom, every touchpoint of the hiring process has shifted online. Our HR team has learned to rely on the power of social media to promote open positions on LinkedIn and Facebook and communicate with potential hires on these platforms.  

Virtual recruitment is not going away, even post-pandemic. It’s important for businesses to embrace this technology now as it will shape hiring for many years to come.  

  1. Highlight long-term career growth opportunities.

At Trans-Tel, we’ve had to adopt several new strategies over the last year to recruit top talent and shift our mindset. Not only are we looking to hire the right people for the job, we’re also looking to offer employees a long-term career with Trans-Tel. 

As we’re promoting open positions on our website and social media, our team is not only describing the day-to-day responsibilities of the job, but we make sure the job description captures the bigger picture. At Trans-Tel, we’re looking for talented people who will embody the Trans-Tel Way and do their job excellently, but also strive to grow in their career and advance. 

Communicating that narrative in job descriptions and interviews has been vital to the success of our recruiting efforts during the coronavirus. We highlight ways employees can advance at Trans-Tel, as well as how we recognize the folks that are performing exceptionally well with our regular Field Excellence Awards recognizing employees who have embodied the Trans-Tel Way exceptionally. 

Knowing there is the opportunity to advance and be recognized at Trans-Tel not only motivates prospective hires to apply, it also keeps current employees motivated and boosts company morale. At Trans-Tel, it’s an opportunity for an employee to begin a career rather than hold a job.

  1. Tell your company’s story.

Whether it’s in the job description, on the application, or during interviews with potential candidates, it is important to talk about your company’s story. Discussing topics such as the history and values of your company is vital for both the employer and the potential employee.

Sharing your company’s story is an opportunity to see if your values align with those of a potential employee. Leave room for the candidates to ask questions about the company throughout the recruitment process. They’re interviewing the company just as much as you’re interviewing them. 

When promoting open positions on social media, advertisements, etc., keep the focus on finding right fit employees for your company. Go beyond the day-to-day responsibilities of the job description to discover what candidates can contribute to your company. 

The transition to virtual recruitment has not been without its fair share of pain points for many companies. But it has presented a great opportunity for companies to reimagine their recruitment strategies. The shift to virtual technology for hiring has cast the net wider and equipped companies with even more tools and resources to tell their story and find potential candidates that can make a true difference at their company.


[Osage Nation] The Future Of Connectivity Is Bright


High-speed internet connection and robust infrastructure are transforming communities across Oklahoma. Connectivity impacts all aspects of life from business to government and education. 

Trans-Tel, in conjunction with our tribal partner Tahkox e2, a business of the Delaware Tribe is part of a unique project to modernize infrastructure for the Osage Nation in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. With a need for high-speed and large bandwidth fiber connectivity to municipal buildings, our team is dedicated to improving connection for the Osage community. 

The Osage Nation is a federally-recognized Native American tribe with its headquarters in Pawhuska, OK. The tribe’s large footprint includes a Culture Center, Visitors Center, PRT/DVS complex, Bid Creek Farms, Wildland Fire, Welcome Center, Central Business District, and Indian Village. 

In 2017, the Osage reservation was connected to high-speed internet as part of a  federally-funded grant. Since then, the nation has been on a mission to modernize its infrastructure and connectivity. 

With a history of successful tribal projects, our team was selected to lead the modernization of the communication infrastructure for the Osage Nation. Our team was selected to lead the modernization of its communication infrastructure in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, working to expand municipal Wi-Fi for public use at the Osage Nation and to make high-speed internet accessible for all local residents. 

In order to ensure efficient broadband connection for the community both today and in the future, the network we installed is PON-based. This allows multiple end-users to use the network without disruption and can be expanded to other entities in the future. The Director of the Osage Nation summed up our contributions to the project, “TransTel, through their Delaware Tribe Partner, Tahkox e2, placed the fiber optic cabling that made the WiFi system possible.” 

Construction and full connectivity were completed at the end of December 2020. This ambitious initiative to deliver high-speed connection and quality infrastructure to the Osage Nation lays the groundwork for other communities to modernize their infrastructure.

Learn more about this groundbreaking partnership with the City of Pawhuska and the Osage Nation.


3 Bold Predictions For 5G In 2021


We live in a more connected world than ever. We have the power to create technology ecosystems in our homes, talk to our devices and get a response, earn a degree from our kitchen table, and even meet with our doctors through a screen. 

Technology has reached some pretty incredible heights over the last decade, and we’ve seen the need for connectivity more than ever since Covid-19. However, these days, our need for a strong high-speed internet connection goes beyond entertainment and convenience – technology is pivotal to powering our work, relationships, education, and healthcare.

With shifts in how and why we use technology in our homes and communities today, the discussion on the power of 5G technology to transform our world is more relevant than ever. 

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of mobile connectivity that will either improve or replace your current 4G LTE connection. It will vastly improve the speed (up to 100x faster speeds), quality, and connection of your internet. It is also an attractive technology because of its low power requirements, meaning businesses and homes will save money in the long run on powering their connection. 

5G has the ability to vastly improve our daily lives, from faster connections and improved video quality to smarter technology empowering our cities like AI-powered traffic technologies and smarter cars.

Keep reading to explore our bold predictions for 5G in 2021. 

Prediction 1: Smarter Cities 

5G will impact almost every facet of our lives. But, there may be no bigger effect than on our communities. The newest generation of internet technology will lead to a rise in smarter cars, AI traffic systems, and smart power grids. 

We’re predicting a rise in smart technology in our cars from increased Bluetooth capabilities, more self-driving, and more sensors on our vehicles for quicker and safer driving.

5G technologies will also have the ability to increase the efficiency and safety of traffic in our cities. AI traffic ware will become the norm, improving the flow of traffic and predicting traffic patterns to eliminate congestion on the roads. Power grids will also see an upgrade with 5G, leading to more energy-efficient technologies.

Explore our work with Ponca City, Oklahoma to transform the city with connectivity. 

Prediction 2: Better Connection At Home

During Covid-19, the need for connectivity and improved connection has become vital to powering our homes. Our homes have become a hybrid of work, school, and entertainment and we need the technology to support our shift in lifestyles. 

5G internet technology will greatly increase the strength of bandwidth available to us in more places. This will mean faster internet connection and speeds, the ability for more devices to be connected in your home, on-the-go, and an improvement in streaming quality from Netflix to Zoom calls. 

Prediction 3: Accessible Healthcare 

This may be the boldest of our predictions yet, but 5G has the potential to transform our health in ways we maybe couldn’t have imagined until the current global pandemic. Holding appointments with your doctor from home has become a part of our new normal during Covid-19, but 5G may forever alter the ways in which we access our healthcare. 

The improvements in internet connection, strength, and speed will enable healthcare professionals to reach their patients in new ways. Telehealth doctor visits will be more secure and 4K streaming quality will be much stronger with better connectivity. The rise in augmented reality may even lead to AR physical therapy in homes or remote surgeries one day. Both patients and doctors will benefit from the nearly infinite possibilities 5G holds. 

We’re excited about the possibilities of 5G in 2021 and beyond. The improvements this technology will bring to our internet connection, speed, and depth are incredible and multi-faceted. We’re hopeful that communities across the country will benefit from the advancements 5G offers to our homes, healthcare, and cities.


The Future Of Broadband In 2021


There has been a demand to achieve internet access for all for a while, but COVID-19 has only made the demand more prevalent. Connectivity has become necessary for our work, education, entertainment, and healthcare. From working at home to hopping on a telehealth appointment with our physician, 2020 transformed the role of connectivity in our lives.

At the start of 2021, we’re predicting a widespread movement to connect every community to high-speed internet. The coronavirus has only made the need clearer – every home deserves to be connected.

Keep reading to explore our hopes for the future of broadband in 2021. 

What is broadband?

Broadband is commonly referred to as high-speed internet and consists of several types of transmission technologies, from fiber to wireless, that ensures connections are faster and reliable.

Broadband access has the power to improve the quality of life for a community. Connectivity is at the crux of a city’s ability to thrive. It enables businesses to expand, healthcare to run efficiently with technology, and schools to equip students with the resources they need to learn both in the classroom and at home. 

Learn how Trans-Tel expanded broadband in Ponca City, OK, and the power of high-speed internet to transform the city’s economy. 

However, predictions estimate that between 21-42 million Americans are still without high-speed internet. Because of this digital divide, millions lack the opportunities reliable internet access can provide in their homes, businesses, and cities. 

A New Frontier for Broadband in 2021

2021 will be a reckoning for broadband. Will we be able to connect all homes across America to a reliable internet connection? 

We’re already seeing groundbreaking moves in the right direction. In December 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) awarded $9.2 billion in funding for companies to provide broadband to millions of households.

The funding will support initiatives from companies like SpaceX and Amazon to launch satellites in space that will help connect rural communities. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says the initiative will bring broadband to “underserved communities.” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is hopeful that the billion-dollar award will be “welcome news to millions of unconnected rural Americans who for too long have been on the wrong side of the digital divide.” 

We believe 2021 will bring us closer to bridging the digital divide than ever before. We’re hopeful because this issue is gaining traction across the country – from the media to Capitol Hill. Carrying out this mission is a joint effort and we’ve partnered with companies like the Oklahoma Electric Cooperative to connect more than 1,000 subscribers each month and are proud to have expanded broadband access in communities like Ponca City, OK, and the Osage Nation in Pawhuska. 

At Trans-Tel, we’re committed to modernizing wired and wireless infrastructure to ensure communities of all sizes have reliable high-speed internet. Bridging the digital divide means communities can increase opportunities for all their citizens – from kids to seniors – and allow businesses, schools, and homes to thrive.  


Trans-Tel Announces New Channel Partnership with Genetec Inc.

Trans-Tel is named a Certified Channel Partner with Canada-based Genetec – October 2020

Trans-Tel is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions across the federal, state, municipal, commercial, and petrochemical refinery markets headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma. With a customer-focused approach and a longstanding commitment to on-time and on-budget performance, Trans-Tel is a trusted partner. 

The company is excited to announce its new channel partnership with Genetec Inc. Genetec is a leading innovator in the IP-based security space and is headquartered in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada. With a robust portfolio including video surveillance, access control, and cyber security, Genetec creates and maintains thriving and safe public spaces. 

The Genetec Channel Partner Program is a unique opportunity for the company to work with partners in more than 80 countries to provide safe and secure environments. The premise of the program is to build unparalleled sales synergy between Genetec and its Channel Partners. 

As a Certified Channel Partner, Trans-Tel will offer a suite of Genetec offerings to its client-base. These will include: Security Center OmnicastTM IP video management solution, Security Center SynergisTM IP access control system, and Security Center AutoVuTM automatic license plate recognition system (ALPR).

Trans-Tel is excited for the opportunity to partner with Genetec to grow its sales efforts and offerings as well as maintain its commitment to providing safe and secure environments across the United States. 

Visit Trans-Tel online to learn more about its core capabilities. Visit our LinkedIn and Facebook pages to receive more exciting updates like these. 


2851 N Flood Ave Norman, OK 73069

Phone: +1 (405) 447-5025

Media Contact

Name: Lance Chastain

Email: Lance.Chastain@trans-tel.com 


3 Things To Consider During A Network Or OSP Emergency Repair


The words “emergency restoration” can strike fear into any network or OSP manager, and even with the best maintenance practices in place, outages and emergencies are a regular part of our industry. 

We understand how important it is to keep your fiber optic network up and running. System damage can occur in a variety of different ways from falling trees, severe weather, and other external factors. Protecting your network and connectivity is important to us! Keep reading to learn more about important considerations you should note before your next network or emergency OSP repair. 

1. Will the crew be timely? 

If you’ve ever experienced an emergency network outage, the last thing you want to hear from your service provider is that they can’t get a repair crew out to you for several days. In this day and age, connectivity is vital to keeping our homes, offices, and schools running smoothly. Without fast-response times and expert crews to perform emergency repairs, we’d all lose precious time and resources trying to create an ad-hoc solution on our own. 

At Trans-Tel, our crews are fully equipped and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for troubleshooting and repair. When every second counts, you want the best techs in the field working to correct the situation and a company that acts fast. The trained and experienced staff at Trans-Tel knows what to do to get these systems back up and running in a timely, safe, and cost-efficient manner.

2. Can they handle any repair I might need? 

In order to keep your fiber optic system up and running, you need a repair crew that is prepared for any situation and to determine the best solution. From underground work to troubleshooting and maintenance, you want a crew ready to handle the complexities of your OSP emergency repair. 

Trans-Tel offers solutions and services for your communications infrastructure needs including fiber and copper, aerial and underground work, maintenance and repair, splicing and troubleshooting, and is ready to bring any or all of these disciplines to work in any situation. 

3. Are their technicians trained and professional? 

A network outage can add unnecessary stress to anyone’s day. Whether you’re looking to get your business or city back on the grid, having an expert crew ready to respond can alleviate some of the stress. From timely repairs to professional crews who work with customer excellence, you want a partner that will provide the level of service you expect. 

Trans-Tel has a highly experienced team of engineers, technicians, fiber and copper installers, and lineman specializing in telecommunications and information technology infrastructure. Our track record and reputation for providing high-quality results in a timely manner in the most demanding of environments is excellent across projects that span from multi-site fiber to the home (FTTH) installations to military bases and includes a variety of other projects such as government facilities, hospital complexes, refineries, and educational campuses.

When an emergency strikes you want to call on a partner who understands the mission-critical demands of the situation. 

Whatever the circumstance, you can be confident Trans-Tel has the experience and expertise to fix it! We have the technical, operational, and management expertise combined with a commitment to provide quality work on time – on budget – in compliance – and with customer excellence… every single time.


How Broadband Is Transforming Ponca City, OK


Access to broadband internet is transforming communities across Oklahoma. High-speed fiber connectivity attracts new business, makes education more accessible, and stimulates economic growth. But, access to high-speed internet in rural communities across the state is limited.

Ponca City, OK is one of those cities. Trans-Tel is part of an ambitious project to deliver high-speed fiber broadband internet service in Ponca City, improving the quality of life for its citizens.

Connectivity for Increased Opportunity

Ponca City, a city with a population of 25k+, has lacked city-wide high-speed internet connectivity. Meanwhile, metropolitan areas across the state have been connected to Oklahoma broadband for years. City leaders partnered with the Oklahoma Community Anchor Network (OCAN) to connect the community to broadband. In Oklahoma, high-speed internet connections will drastically improve the quality of life for rural communities. It also increases job opportunities and expands access to healthcare and telehealth to underserved populations. Connectivity truly is transformative.

How has broadband transformed Ponca City?

Phase one of the project, to connect the city’s core to high-speed internet, finished in July 2019. Trans-Tel is now working in multiple phases which are underway and scheduled to wrap up by Spring 2021. Upon completion, high-speed internet service will reach most citizens and businesses across the city. The new service will leave an indelible mark on the city and its citizens for years to come. While working to bring this new service to Ponca City and the opportunities that it will provide, what we call the Trans-Tel Way, will guide our employees and quality of work. We strive to operate on these four core values with every project.  

Ambitious initiatives like Ponca City, and many others across the nation, lay the foundation for economic growth in rural communities across the country. Access to high-speed internet in the state of Oklahoma gives its cities a competitive edge to attract new business opportunities and allow existing businesses to expand. We are excited to see how broadband transforms communities in Oklahoma and across America. Connectivity goes beyond economic stimulus to improve the quality of life for all communities.


How The Trans-Tel Way Makes A Difference


At Trans-Tel we have a history of customer excellence. From leadership that listens to expert crews that understand the challenges in the field, we pave the way for excellent relationships with our customers. Our four core values, or the Trans-Tel Way, have guided our company continuously. Learn what these core values are and how we use them to serve our customers. 

What is the Trans-Tel Way? 

The Trans-Tel Way consists of our four core values: on time, under budget, in compliance, and customer excellence. 

  1. On Time – Our corporate culture values a high-performance work environment. It is our expectation that employees maintain these standards. Our team deploys sophisticated management systems to track activities and keep projects on schedule. We’re always thinking ahead to minimize obstacles. We like to think of ourselves as the drivers of the operation, not the passengers. 
  2. Under Budget – We deliver quality work, but not at the expense of our customers’ wallets. Our team pays attention to the day-to-day operations of the project to balance resources, time, and money. We increase efficiency and decrease cost. 
  3. In Compliance – Our employees display ethical conduct, honesty, and integrity. Trans-Tel employees are trained in state and federal safety regulation compliance, safety hazard identification, and in decreasing risk to ensure that everyone goes home injury-free each day. 
  4. Customer Excellence – We foster an environment of teamwork, collaboration, and relationships at Trans-Tel. Our team listens and responds to any customer needs. We are always looking to increase customer confidence and satisfaction in our work. 

How do these values guide our employees? 

The Trans-Tel Way has its fingerprint on every aspect of our employees’ work. We train employees to carry out these values in their respective roles. The Trans-Tel Way is so vital to our way of doing business that we created the Field Excellence Awards (FEA). The FEA recognizes field workers who have demonstrated these core values. Once a month we recognize an employee who displays excellent work, high productivity, safe behaviors, and leadership qualities on the job. We love to recognize employees who go above and beyond to serve our customers. They make Trans-Tel a great company to work at! 

How does it make a difference for our clients? 

The Trans-Tel Way makes a difference in our clients’ day-to-day lives. Our employees’ quality of work and service delight our customers. Hear what some of our customers have to say: 

“I was so impressed with Trans-Tel and the contractors were great!” (Public Utility Division Director – Oklahoma)

“Trans-Tel did an excellent job and was very professional.” (Coop Customer – Oklahoma)

From project start to completion, we’re committed to delivering exceptional work for our customers. 

Learn how the Trans-Tel Way can make a difference for you. Get in touch with Trans-Tel today.