How Broadband Is Transforming Ponca City, OK


Access to broadband internet is transforming communities across Oklahoma. High-speed fiber connectivity attracts new business, makes education more accessible, and stimulates economic growth. But, access to high-speed internet in rural communities across the state is limited.

Ponca City, OK is one of those cities. Trans-Tel is part of an ambitious project to deliver high-speed fiber broadband internet service in Ponca City, improving the quality of life for its citizens.

Connectivity for Increased Opportunity

Ponca City, a city with a population of 25k+, has lacked city-wide high-speed internet connectivity. Meanwhile, metropolitan areas across the state have been connected to Oklahoma broadband for years. City leaders partnered with the Oklahoma Community Anchor Network (OCAN) to connect the community to broadband. In Oklahoma, high-speed internet connections will drastically improve the quality of life for rural communities. It also increases job opportunities and expands access to healthcare and telehealth to underserved populations. Connectivity truly is transformative.

How has broadband transformed Ponca City?

Phase one of the project, to connect the city’s core to high-speed internet, finished in July 2019. Trans-Tel is now working in multiple phases which are underway and scheduled to wrap up by Spring 2021. Upon completion, high-speed internet service will reach most citizens and businesses across the city. The new service will leave an indelible mark on the city and its citizens for years to come. While working to bring this new service to Ponca City and the opportunities that it will provide, what we call the Trans-Tel Way, will guide our employees and quality of work. We strive to operate on these four core values with every project.  

Ambitious initiatives like Ponca City, and many others across the nation, lay the foundation for economic growth in rural communities across the country. Access to high-speed internet in the state of Oklahoma gives its cities a competitive edge to attract new business opportunities and allow existing businesses to expand. We are excited to see how broadband transforms communities in Oklahoma and across America. Connectivity goes beyond economic stimulus to improve the quality of life for all communities.


How The Trans-Tel Way Makes A Difference


At Trans-Tel we have a history of customer excellence. From leadership that listens to expert crews that understand the challenges in the field, we pave the way for excellent relationships with our customers. Our four core values, or the Trans-Tel Way, have guided our company continuously. Learn what these core values are and how we use them to serve our customers. 

What is the Trans-Tel Way? 

The Trans-Tel Way consists of our four core values: on time, under budget, in compliance, and customer excellence. 

  1. On Time – Our corporate culture values a high-performance work environment. It is our expectation that employees maintain these standards. Our team deploys sophisticated management systems to track activities and keep projects on schedule. We’re always thinking ahead to minimize obstacles. We like to think of ourselves as the drivers of the operation, not the passengers. 
  2. Under Budget – We deliver quality work, but not at the expense of our customers’ wallets. Our team pays attention to the day-to-day operations of the project to balance resources, time, and money. We increase efficiency and decrease cost. 
  3. In Compliance – Our employees display ethical conduct, honesty, and integrity. Trans-Tel employees are trained in state and federal safety regulation compliance, safety hazard identification, and in decreasing risk to ensure that everyone goes home injury-free each day. 
  4. Customer Excellence – We foster an environment of teamwork, collaboration, and relationships at Trans-Tel. Our team listens and responds to any customer needs. We are always looking to increase customer confidence and satisfaction in our work. 

How do these values guide our employees? 

The Trans-Tel Way has its fingerprint on every aspect of our employees’ work. We train employees to carry out these values in their respective roles. The Trans-Tel Way is so vital to our way of doing business that we created the Field Excellence Awards (FEA). The FEA recognizes field workers who have demonstrated these core values. Once a month we recognize an employee who displays excellent work, high productivity, safe behaviors, and leadership qualities on the job. We love to recognize employees who go above and beyond to serve our customers. They make Trans-Tel a great company to work at! 

How does it make a difference for our clients? 

The Trans-Tel Way makes a difference in our clients’ day-to-day lives. Our employees’ quality of work and service delight our customers. Hear what some of our customers have to say: 

“I was so impressed with Trans-Tel and the contractors were great!” (Public Utility Division Director – Oklahoma)

“Trans-Tel did an excellent job and was very professional.” (Coop Customer – Oklahoma)

From project start to completion, we’re committed to delivering exceptional work for our customers. 

Learn how the Trans-Tel Way can make a difference for you. Get in touch with Trans-Tel today.